Sunday, March 8, 2015

Why 2 years to post a blog?!?

Why 2 years to post a blog?!? (This is a confession, so give me a break please)

I fix computers for a living. Day after day after day. For over 34 years now, in one form or another. I've replaced old ones, prototyped and built them, upgraded, networked, programmed, tested, removed Malware infections, recovered data, cloned, secured, and performed forensic examinations on them. And more.

What I've seldom ever done consistently is enjoyed them. Oh, I've marvelled at their awesome and increasing power, decreasing price, and cool programs. When I bought my first computer game, I thought I'd morph into the ultimate gamer- awesome! But work got in the way. After 8-12 hours of daily looking at a 1-color 10" plasma screen, by the end of the day I had little enthusiasm for looking at one some more. Over time, family, then friends and neighbors (and eventually their families, friends and neighbors) turned to me (the "computer guy") to work on their computers.

My wife Beth and I wrestled with either staying employed where we were and turning away the growing influx of after hours computer work on the side- or starting our own computer services business to serve our growing clientele. So in 2004 we incorperated KandiComp and repaired computers on the dining room table in our apartment. We've grown tremendously since then, but that's another story for later. But I wasn't really enjoying all computers could do yet, so the blog I started for you a couple years ago didn't get the attention a blog needs.

So what changed? YOU DID.You visit each other across the globe live by Skype, like each other on Facebook, meet to strategize in Google Hangouts, recommend one another via LinkedIn, pay your taxes, buy your groceries, order your medicines, and get your degrees online. You proved to me that computers are still awesome for games and getting work done- but they've become awesome and essential for so much more. So I, the late bloomer when it comes to enjoying computers, have been checking out all the cool stuff about them and they are indeed awesome. I'm hooked. I want to share not only my discoveries with you, but also how to make sure you have the best experience available on your computer, tablet, and smart phone.

Most people who call KandiComp the first time are NOT having a good experience. While this time I told you something about the PLEASURE today's computers can offer, next time I want to say something about the PAIN. I feel your pain, Computer Friend, and can help you find your sweet computing place once again.
Stay tuned, and tell me what you most enjoy or appreciate about your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

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