Thursday, March 12, 2015

Squashing "Lack of Forsight" Bugs

Squashing "Lack of Foresight" Bugs
Yes, your computer's got "bugs"- Some are due to lack of foresight. No one meant for them to happen; but no one could have foreseen how the cool programs they designed would have to face new challenges over time beyond their original design.  Microsoft and Apple started out creating operating systems for hobbyists at the dawn of the "microcomputer age".  They did not dream at that time that Windows and what eventually became OS X would one day help manage the world's digital infrastructure (the same concept holds true for all programs in general).  For them, as the public demanded new and better features, they experimented, added on, patched, glitched, patched again, re-wrote, and republished their offerings.  Great programs happened, all made by flawed human beings- like us.
So we all have buggy computers, in part due to lack of foresight in the place of a rapidly changing technology landscape.
Don't worry, Friend- you can squash "Lack of Foresight" Bugs, and you can have a computer that runs sweet.  This is your game plan:

  1. Read the program's User Manual- get to know what the program can and can NOT do, and don't exceed its limitations.
  2. Join a web forum hosted by the program's publisher- get to know how other members deal with program glitches.
  3. Do your homework- visit websites that rate popular software (i.e.: office suites, website builders, games, and security software) to see how testers rate their performance; then make a better informed purchase.
  4. Read the package for your program (or printer, scanner, camera, joystick, etc.)- On it you will find the words, "System Requirements".  There it will tell you what operating systems it runs on (for instance, a Windows XP printer may not work on Windows 8.1), how much memory and how much hard drive space your computer will need for it to run well.  If your computer doesn't meet the system requirements, you may need to upgrade parts of your computer.
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Stay tuned for, "Squashing Incompatibility Bugs".

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