Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First Things First

First Things First
You just purchased a new computer-  Sweet!  here's the most important thing to know at this point: Computers are not TOASTERS-  you can't just take it out of the box, plug it in, and start using it without any consequences.

Instead, think of your computer as something closer to a NEW PUPPY-  you need to prepare a safe place to put it, protect it with a new surge protector, schedule its various maintenance services to run regularly, innoculate it with essential security patches (for Windows and Microsoft programs, Adobe programs, Apple software, Java, etc.) feed it a diet of healthy Internet use, and train it (actually train yourself) what is good and bad for your computer (and how you use it).

 This is your game plan:
* (For towers and desktop computers) Keep a MINIMUM of 3"-4" of space around and above it for cooling air to flow
* Keep it off the floor, where dust settles and is likely to be sucked inside
* (For laptops) NEVER place a laptop computer on a pillow (or any soft surface) likely to close off its limited cool air vents!  Laptops overheat all the time, and can last only hours to weeks before irreparable damage occurs.
* Plug any computer, tablet, laptop, or phone into a known good surge suppressor (less than 3 years old) to protect it from lightning strikes or power spikes.
* Keep liquids, pop cans, water glasses, vases, etc. FAR AWAY from your computer- spilling can result in a destroyed computer, and even in electrocution (you don't want to find out!).
Periodically dust and blow out the cooling vents of your computer with compressed air cans sold for this purpose.

This game plan will take you a long way towards enjoying a computer that keeps running sweet over the long haul.

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Stay tuned for, Turning It On (The first time's always the best).

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