Monday, March 9, 2015

Computers Are Such a PAIN!

Computers Are Such a PAIN!

"I'm ready to take it out in a field and shoot it." Many KandiComp customers have said something like this about their sick computers over the years- one actually did take a shotgun to his laptop (bad for the environment- hazardous waste inside)!

At KandiComp we've noticed a many-years-old trend that seems to hold true: most computer problems are software problems. Many years ago I (naive "computer guy") that I was imagined the computer fixit shop I might one day own would need to be full of parts to replace worn out or defective hard drives, Floppy drives, CD-ROM drives, modems, Zip drives, or memory (this parts list kind of dates me, I guess). No Friends, computers for decades have been made too well overall to wear out quickly.

No, buggy operating systems (Windows 98, Vista, 8, etc.) and unintuitive programs cause a large part of the computer pain we experience. And now, more than ever before, criminals are robbing us blind with the help of programming bugs and vulnerabilities in them.

The bad news: your computer has "bugs" too.

The worse news: You could suffer grievious loss of what is important to you on your computer because of them.

The good news: You can deal with computer bugs, and can enjoy sweet computing as a result.
Stay tuned for, "Squashing Bugs Before They Squash you".

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