Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Squashing Bugs Before They Squash you

Squashing Bugs Before They Squash you
Yes, your computer's got "bugs"- Some are due to lack of forsight.

Others are due to incompatibilities.

Still others are due to the mistakes we make- turning off a computer while in the middle of its doing something important, long power outages in "sleep mode", accidentally deleting important files, etc.

But most bugs today are designed by criminals to infect your computer; and once infected, to make it "throw up" your precious personal or business information. It ends up sent to the criminal, who uses it to commit identity theft and fraud against you- and can even hold your precious data hostage for ransom!

You owe it to yourself to recognize that bugs are a part of using computers today, and that it falls to YOU to protect yourself from them.
How? Stay tuned for, Squashing "Lack of Forsight" Bugs

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