Thursday, February 21, 2013

“My computer is slowing way down, I can't get my E-mail, and I can't connect to the Internet. I get all these pop-up ads, and my computer is starting to lock up- sometimes it just re-boots or shuts down entirely! I've got antivirus software on it, so I know it's protected- why is all this happening to me?”

We at KandiComp often get calls from people just like this one, To the best of their knowledge, their computers are “protected” from Malware (“malicious software”), like viruses, keyloggers, Trojans, Spyware, etc . How can all the bad things like those listed above (and many more too) be happening if their computers are protected from infections? How does a protected computer get crippled?

In one word: Permission.
No firewall or Malware protection suite can protect us if we choose to override it- if we do things on our computers which give permission for bad things to come in and cripple it. For instance, computers become crippled when we:
• ignore doing what is important to care for our computers investment
• go places we shouldn't
• get things we shouldn't
• do things on our computers that are unsafe
No amount of protective software can stop us from making poor choices; and most bad things happen on our computers with our permission.

We'll talk more about the essential difference permission makes to computer security- and your security too- next time.  Until then, why not stop at our website and download one of our brochures on proactive computing?  You can find them at .  Keep checking back, more are on the way.

Until then, enjoy sweet computing!

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